Phyxercise Help
Find out how to use the Phyxercise Dashboard and Physio Exerciser with screencasts and FAQ.
Starting From Scratch

Discover how to start using the Physio Dashboard from scratch by creating and connecting your first patient.

Setting Prescriptions

Learn how to use the Physio Dashboard to set prescriptions and create templates of common exercises.

Managing Active Patients

Explore the key features of the Physio Dashboard that become available once your patients are connected and start completing exercises.

How do I get a Dashboard login?

If your clinic already has a Phyxercise subscription, ask your clinic admin for a sign-up link and follow that link to create your account. If you want to be the first in your clinic to try the Physio Dashboard, visit our pricing page and select a plan that suits you.

Where can I find instruction videos to attach to my exercises?

The best videos are linked directly from a provider such as Vimeo or Youtube. You can find online collections of such videos at sites like hep2go.

Can my patient keep using Physio Exerciser after I discharge them?

Yes! The patient will be able to use the app as normal but you will no longer see them on your dashboard.

What do I do if my patient says their prescription has disappeared?

Because we don’t require patients to log in to use the app, their exercises may disappear if they delete the app or start using a new phone. If this has happened, navigate to the patient’s Manage page and generate a new Join Link for them. Once the patient opens this new link, their prescription will be downloaded back to their device.

What does exercise accuracy mean and why is it only available on some exercises?

Exercise accuracy is scored between 1 and 5 stars and shown on exercises that have motion attached. A workout with 5 stars means that every rep the patient completed was hitting the correct end point, based on the originally recorded motion.

Do I need to attach motion to every exercise?

No, you don't. Not every exercise has a significant movement component to it and the patient might find some exercises difficult to hold their phone with. We reccomend attaching motion if feasible because it will provide higher quality data regarding patient workouts for your Dashboard. Otherwise you can skip recording motion for any exercise you like.

Can I assign a questionnaire that isn't the MSK-HQ or PSFS to my patient?

Not yet, but we want to add more questionnaires to the Phyxercise Dashboard besides just the MSK-HQ and PSFS. Let us know which questionnaires you like to send your patients by emailing us at

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